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Recruitment in France

In cooperation with federation of municipalities Communauté de Communes Ardenne Rives de Meuse (France, 1h30 drive from Brussels) we are looking for Family Medicine Specialists.

Interviews in France: September / October 2019

1st deadline for applications: 1st August 2019

We offer:

  • Great locations in a beautiful Ardenne department, 1h30 drive from Brussels
  • Free of charge intensive French language training
  • Financial assistance up to 50 000 EUR to facilitate starting out as a self-employed GP in France
  • Guaranteed income in first two years of practice: 6 900 EUR / month
  • Support with obtaining licence to practice in France
  • Possibility of induction training upon your arrival in France

We require:

  • Medical Diploma and Family Medicine Specialist Diploma recognised in the EU
  • EU citizenship
  • Basic knowledge of French at the start

How to apply?

Step 1   Send back your CV in French, in form attached

Step 2   Meet Paragona representatives on Skype…

Step 3   We send your application to France!

What sets us apart from the rest?

For 17 years Paragona has been supporting doctors in finding the best job offers, organizing language courses and relocations to Scandinavia, the UK and France. So far we have recruited and trained over 1000 European healthcare professionals.


Al. Jana Pawła II 29

00-867 Warsaw, Poland


tel. + 48 795 546 610

Skype : katarzyna.s.paragona